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CBSE 12th Class Toppers


International Family Day celebrated by students at home.






On this auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Dev ji's 550th birthday . Kartar Public School Barnoti, Kathua held shri Akhand path at nearby Gurudwara on 12th november 2019. Today on 14th November, Bhog of shri Akhand path , organised with the religious activites of the students where Gurbani Kirtan and poems was also presented by students. Ekam singh student of 2nd class sung " Satguru nanak Pargataya, mitti dhund jag channan hova" and Nikhil Bhandari present poem "jag taran guru Nanak aaya" also the Gurubani kirtan presented by students and Music teacher "Satish kumar". Ragi kirtaniyae of Rajbagh Singh Sabha gurudwara and Bhai Gurjeet singh of Jammu was also Present at that auspicious occasion. local people of Barnoti also gave their presence. in the last S. Ranjit singh welcomed and thanked all the people present there. guru ka Prashad and Langer was served with the blessing of holy almighty Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Mother's Day


Motherhood undoubtedly has the greatest potential of influencing human life. God created the epitome of love, compassion, warmth and sacrifice to provide human race with necessary respite and solace. To pay special tribute to the unfathomed love of this Godly creation, MOTHER'S DAY was celebrated at Kartar Public School, Barnoti, kathua, by the students of primary wing who expressed their love, affection and esteems for their mother. On the occasion, mothers were invited for the fun filled day which was Symbolic of the various hues of life and joy. Students also displayed their love through various other activities like Card-making, Necklace making, Tiara and handmade flowers which they presented to their mothers to show their love, care & gratitude. To make the celebration more special, some mother's of the school were invited on the stage for fun-filled activities. Winner-Mothers were awarded by the Secretary Mrs. Harpreet Kour & the Principal, Ms. Mamta Agarwal. The programme drew to a close with an inspirational speech by the Secretary Ms. Harpreet Kour who congratulated the participants and encouraged them to keep up the good work and to pursue their dreams. She said “A mother is definitely the truest friend and best guide any child can have. She holds her children’s hands for a short time but remain in their hearts forever” "Mothers have always played a special role in each of our lives. Their unconditional love, support and the feeling of a security blanket around us is unmatched and keeping this in mind, we organized this warm and affectionate morning especially for them", stated Ms. Mamta Agarwal, Principal, KPS Barnoti, Kathua.

International Labour Day


International Labour Day celebrated at KPS Barnoti “International Labour Day” was celebrated at Kartar Public School, Barnoti, with full aplomb. The function kicked off with a speech welcoming the workers and acknowledging their hard work. Prayer marked the beginning of the programme followed by a skit presented by the students. School principal Ms. Mamta Agarwal congratulated the workers and thanked them by acknowledging their contributions, admitting their irreplaceable inputs for the welfare of the school and motivated students to respect all such people without whose help, life would not be that easy. After this, school Secretary Ms. Harpreet Kaur focused on the priceless contribution of the workers for the smooth functioning of the institution. The ceremony came to a close with the recital of the school anthem

Grand Parents Day Celebration


Kartar Public School celebrated Grand Parents Day on 6th May 2017. The event was welcome by parents, grandparents and students as this was a unique celebration for the seniors of the society.

Skit On Honesty


SKIT ON “HONESTY”AT KARTAR PUBLIC SCHOOL Teaching honesty, as well as other character traits, is tiring and it requires years of continuous reinforcement. To help your children acquire this trait. Keeping that spirit in mind students of classes 3rd, 4th and 5th presented a skit on the theme “Honesty is the Best Policy”. There was an active participation by all the Students. Principal of Kartar Public School Ms. Mamta Agarwal congratulated and appreciated students for their wonderful performance and laid emphasis on the vitality of Honesty in Education. It is one of the key elements which helps in shaping overall personality of child as an individual.